Sniper Scope


Sniping is the act of using a Sniper Rifle to kill enemies from far distances. It is commonly done to avoid a direct gunfight, or to shoot people at higher areas.

How toEdit

Sniping is a very basic trick. To do it, get a sniper rifle. Then, push the scope button, and aim at a target. Crouching prevents Nick's breathing from interfering with the aim. Then, just shoot at the target. Sniping often involves Head Shots.


  • While sniping, Nick is still vulnerable to other attacks, or being shot at by the target.
  • It is often considered difficult to get a good aim. Especially on a moving target.
  • Sniper Rifles hold little ammunition, so there aren't many tries.
  • After the first shot is fired, all enemies in the area will know there is a sniper.